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December 4, 2020

Made in USA

After months of sourcing meetings, quality control, making and remaking again, Sorella Clothing Co. is finally here! Behind the scenes, we have been working tirelessly to bring you this brand, because we believe that women deserve a product that directly meets their needs.

We want women to feel included in the world of versatile outdoor wear. More than that, we feel that our customers deserve a brand that is transparent and ethical in their labor practices. Sadly, the majority of the fashion industry is built on the exploitation of low wage workers, a practice that emerged at the dawn of the first industrial revolution in America. Over 200 years later, it’s time for change.

The landscape of fashion in 2020 is littered with fast-fashion brands. Fast fashion is defined as brands that work at breakneck speed to cheaply produce hundreds or thousands of styles per year. Why is fast fashion bad you might ask? Great question.

Fast fashion feeds the already growing climate crisis by producing millions of tons of textile waste that falls directly into landfills. Clothes that are poorly made with poor materials don’t last, and therefore are thrown out at an alarming rate. Cheaply made clothes are also often filled with toxic chemicals, from lead to pesticides and other unknown chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the workers who interact with them, the towns and cities where the factories are located, and to the consumers who bring those garments home. This happens especially in undeveloped countries and countries with relaxed labor laws. International labor outsourcing itself covers an ethical gray area.

From environmental impacts to human rights violations, fast fashion just ain’t it. All this is to say, we created Sorella Clothing Co. to do better and be better.

We want our brand to make a difference in the lives of our customers as well as the lives of our garment workers and contractors. We take the time to design for our customers and make sure our garments are made to last. We create garments that are timeless and classic. We manufacture in the US because domestic manufacturing is one of the only ways to make sure that our workers are treated fairly.

Sorella is a community of people, fighting for a better planet and a better world. We hope you continue to keep up with us on our journey and stay tuned for what is to come! We are so excited to share our brand and our journey with you.

And with that, we welcome you to Sorella Clothing Co. 


The Sorella Clothing Co. Team

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