Meet the brand


Sorella Clothing Co. is a fashion-forward elevated outdoor and leisure wear line in women’s and children’s. Sorella Clothing Co. supports the growth of a circular economy by going against the current “take, make, waste” mentality of the fashion industry by making conscious and informed decisions, all while offering high quality products that our customers can proudly wear. All garments are manufactured in the U.S. and raw materials are sustainability and responsibly sourced. Sorella Clothing Co. is transparent in sourcing and manufacturing practices to ensure customers that their purchase from Sorella Clothing Co. is responsible.

Sorella means “sister” in Italian. Growing up in South Texas, cousins Carolina, Margaret, and Alicia were practically sisters. As they grew up their common interest in the outdoors, fashion design, and textiles culminated in a project to create a brand where women can express themselves while wearing fashionable, elevated clothing for the outdoors. Sorella is a community for all women who wish to responsibly feminize outdoor fashion.

Sorella Clothing Co. recognized an opportunity for growth for the currently small market of fashionable yet affordable outdoor apparel for women and children.

It’s a man’s world when it comes to fashionable, high quality, and affordable outdoor apparel - Sorella Clothing Co. hopes to change this.

At Sorella Clothing Co. the customer is the expert. The Sorella team spent months researching what their customers want and need, thus delivering a product that is unique in itself as countless hours have been spent attending to details, quality, and fit.

Co-Founder, Alicia Amberson, designs all of Sorella Clothing Co.’s  fabrics and silk products - painted by hand, digitally scanned, and worked through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Sorella Clothing Co. is a new era for women and children who enjoy the outdoors. Their mission is to create a community, by bringing women together with a high quality product that is consciously made and sourced, offering clean and versatile fashion-forward silhouettes ready for wear and tear or wear out and about.


Meet the cousins



Is currently completing degrees in Studio Art, Art History, and a minor in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin. She will graduate in the Spring of 2021. Alicia has years of experience in accounting and account management in small businesses as well as large corporations in Austin, Tx.

Her experience in art based businesses gives her a unique insight into what it takes to run a creative business. Further, she has extensive experience in sculptural fabrication techniques, as well as in painting and drawing. Alicia designs custom fabric for Sorella (check out our awesome vest linings!), and her robust designs are what will set Sorella apart from other companies of the same caliber.

Alicia’s attention to detail and hand painted fabric designs are Sorella’s competitive advantage and is what sets us apart from competitor hunting lines. We make sure our clothes are personal, detail oriented, and high quality.



Margaret graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.F.A. in Studio Art, and she quickly moved on to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California to study Fashion Design & Product Development. Margaret graduated from FIDM LA in August of 2020. Margaret is extremely driven to succeed, as demonstrated by her mission to launch a luxury fashion brand prior to her graduation from FIDM. Margaret’s background in Studio Art gives her many advantages in fashion product development, such as knowledge of screen printing, photography, fabric dying, and other forms of printmaking.

Margaret worked at Vince as a Men’s Fabric Research and Development Assistant for one year, receiving on the job training along with extensive expertise in fabric sourcing. Because of Margaret’s experience in fashion and art, she is able to perform all of the pattern making, digitizing, and sourcing that most small businesses delegate to paid experts.



Carolina graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.F.A. in Visual Art Studies. She has an incredibly strong work ethic, and many personal ties to the San Antonio community. Carolina has a strong vision for where she wants Sorella Clothing Co. to go- our de-facto tastemaker when it comes to designing garments.

Growing up with a mother who is a fashion designer, she was raised surrounded by fashion. When Carolina thought up the brand she ran full speed ahead to get the company off the ground and running. She has the talent to think up designs and picks the most beautiful fabrics to accompany.

Carolina resides in San Antonio with her husband AJ Lewis and their dog Purdey.